In today’s world, we are very busy with our job. We get no time to spend with our family members. And in addition to the work pressure it is quite impossible to do all the household work by ourselves all the time. Maybe we can manage for 2 or 3 days a month. But everyday household work cannot be done by us. That’s why we need to hire a maid to do the work on our behalf.

There are many maids available in the city or, town. But how to find the right one? When you are hiring a maid, you are giving her access to enter your house. And they will stay close to your family members as well. And if she is not a professional, you won’t be satisfied with her work either. You need to consider some points before hiring a maid.

Based on the work:

First of all, you need to be clear about the work she has to do in your house. Do you need her to do house cleaning and washing dishes and clothes? Or do you need her to do bathroom cleaning as well? Sometimes you may need a maid to take care of your children at home. So be specific about the tasks.

And you can contact agencies and they will provide a maid who is appropriate for handling all the household work. You also need to be clear about the working hours. do you need her as a part-timer or, as a permanent worker? In the case of the part-timer, you can contact the maid part time kl.

Do an identity check:

No matter how you have got the contact of that maid, you must check her background for sure. You cannot let anyone enter your house regularly. You should ask her to show her voter id or any other authorized id card. You should confirm that she does not have a criminal background. You cannot put the life of your family members at risk. And it is preferable if you can get a local maid.

Do a medical check:

The maid you are hiring should be physically fit as well. And most importantly she should not be infected with viruses or bacteria such as HIV, TB, or even corona. Because if she is infected then she would carry the virus inside your house. And your family members or, you might get affected too. And since maids are mainly women, you cannot hire a pregnant woman for household work. Those are things you need to confirm before hiring a maid.

 Check the experience:

Whether you are hiring someone for your company or you are hiring someone for household work, experience is always important. If you need perfection in their work then, they must be experienced and professional. A professional will perform all the tasks well in less time. If the maid is not good at her work, then you have to struggle with the basic things and you won’t be able to focus on your work. Cleaning service johor bahru has been providing experienced maids for a long time. You can contact them before hiring a maid.

Is she punctual?

Another important thing you need to confirm is her consistency at work. If she is not punctual then you won’t get the job done at a particular time. And household works need to be done regularly. Maybe she can skip 3 or, 4 days in a month. All humans have health issues and occasions. But she should be a professional and should value her time. And she should not come late for work. And she should be skilful enough to complete her job on time as well. so, check on that before hiring a maid.

Does she have insurance:

It’s better to have a maid with an insurance policy. because you don’t know what would happen in the future. She may get hurt while working, you should not be responsible for that. so, make sure that the maid you are hiring is insured. Cleaning service johor bahru provides maids with an insurance policy. So that you don’t have any worries while hiring the maids.

Is she trustworthy?

Trust is not something that can be built easily. It is quite hard to trust someone. The person you are hiring should be honest. Since she will be entering your house, there will be many valuable things. But she must not lay hands on them. and your family members, especially your children are also in the house. She must not have any bad intentions. you should also keep valuable things in your locker. And watch the activity of your maid sometimes. And then you will get to know her well. And the trust issues can be resolved as time goes by.

Make an agreement:

When you are hiring a maid you will need long-term service from her. You should make a written agreement with her. The cost you have to pay, the hours she will spend on the job and the kind of work she would be doing should be mentioned in the agreement. So that, in the future she cannot leave her work until the contract is over. Or, she cannot charge more money in the future for the same work.

Fix a salary:

The salary of the maid depends on hours of service and the type of work. The salary will vary according to the demand. You can compare the price between different agencies or a self-employed maid. The price will differ between those agencies as well. you can hire one from a trustworthy agency. If you need a permanent maid, then your budget will rise. In the case of a part-timer, you can pay less salary. Maid part-time kl provides the best maids at a reasonable price.

Take recommendations:

One of the best ways to find maids in your area is to ask your friends or, neighbours in your locality. Since they have been living there then, they have an idea about the agencies or the workers. They can recommend an agency or give you the contact no. of an eligible maid. Then you can meet them directly and decide whether to choose her or not.

Nowadays you can also find some agencies online, that provide maid services. You can check that. and see the reviews available on their website. you can directly ask someone in whose house the maid has worked before. You can check the rating as well. The agencies with higher ratings will be at the top of your wish list.


We hope that those tips will help you to find an eligible maid for your house. It’s not like we have free time and yet we are hiring someone to do our household work. Even in some developed countries finding a maid can be difficult as well. so we can try to do the work on our own, by taking some time from our busy schedule.

But, sometimes it’s not possible if you hardly get time to rest in a day from your work. Then making time for household work is nearly impossible. Then hiring a maid is the only option. So get a maid when you are in need.